“Una mujer” – “A Woman” – works as a good example of how the Peruvian artist Lana has been building career in her very own way. At the same time, she belongs to a new generation of singers-songwriters in Perú, where a few strong front-women are leading the way.

Lara is one of the best-kept secrets in that musical diversity. She doesn’t play live very often. But when she does, her performances make an impact that always leaves you waiting to see her live again.

Her first EP has been recorded with producer and guitarrist David Chang, who is locally known as the mastermind behind the success of pop soul singer Cristina Valentina. But here, with Lara, David brings even more power to an already powerful voice. The quality of the final mastering is owed to the famous Argentinian producer and sound engineer Andrés Mayo.

Lara has also worked with the producer Sergio Sarria, Bareto’s drummer, and making unexpected appearances at some underground rap shows.

This evolving musical process has showed Lara in a variety of sound textures and music style combinations including local sounds, such as Afro-Cuban son, as well as soul, hip hop, and dark and sensual ambient. With every new record, she make us want more and more.


Lara on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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