The collective Novalima is one of the most renowned acts in modern Peruvian music. Founded in 2001 by four Peruvian DJ’s: Ramón Perez Prieto, Grimaldo Del Solar, Rafael Morales and Carlos Li Carrillo, later it became a band incorporating Afro Peruvian famous musicians as part of their performances.

Novalima’s live band included Milagros Guerrero, Juan Medrano (Cotito), Mangue Vásquez, Pier Padilla Vásquez, Marcos Mosquera, the percussionist/timbalero Constantino Álvarez, and Alfonso Montesinos on the bass guitar.

Sadly, Mangue died last year. That’s why Novalima bring their new music as a tribute to him. The result is “Planetario” (available on Bandcamp), an album more dance orientated than ever. “Como yo” is the first single and is having a very good reception on streaming music services.

Novalima on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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