One of the big brothers of Turkish music scene already introduced on beehype, Peyk are releasing single pieces since their last album.

While the record, titled “Teslim Olma”, was published in 2014 on Kalan Müzik, their latest piece is called “Paydos”, which means: break, rest, quiting or stopping work.

Video of the song was filmed by İrfan Alış, who is the frontman of the band. You can feel the melancholy of the song both in tunes and in visuals, without understanding the lyrics. But let me help you in advance with that “Paydos” is about:

The summer of your life has gone, and you do not have any more spring in your heart, and an unpredictable end (paydos) comes, and everything stays unfinished, half… For all melancoholic autumn souls.


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