Phantastic Ferniture

Captivating new album and a number of impressive singles from Sydney-based trio Phantastic Ferniture.

When in May she released the video for “Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin” (watch below), we already knew that Phantastic Ferniture’s self-titled debut album might be one of this year’s most captivating, not just in Australia. And it proved true at the end of July when we heard the whole EP.

The song seemed pretty straightforward, with a classic sound and structure. But there were enough details (like that vocal ornament at the end of “You’ve been waiting to fly”) to keep your mind busy, and so much catchiness to make you play the song again and again.

To a large extent the same can be said about each of the nine tracks that make up “Phantastic Ferniture”, and about the album in its entirety.

Julia Jacklin, Liz Hughes and Ryan Brennan keep trying out new things as if they were still deciding on their kind of music, yet you could sum up the whole effort with “rock’n’roll” and they shouldn’t mind it. There’s a lot of guitars (sometimes noisier), great songwriting (no fillers), and alternatively mellow and passionate vocals.

If you’re looking for something raw (and yes, authentic), but at the same time beautiful, here’s a candidate for one of your favourite albums of the season.

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