Fools and Foes

Fools and Foes’ summer single “Undesired” has been selected as one of the best Filipino tracks of 2015 by the panelists of Vandals on the Wall’s year-end feature. But that’s just one of five great pieces you’ll find on their debut record.

Released in December, “Underneath the Roots” EP shows the Manila-based four-piece simply knowing how to write and execute coherent material that’s direct, intriguing, and incredibly cohesive. Especially for a band whose members come from such diverse backgrounds as punk, indie/alternative, metal, orchestral music – and post-rock, probably their only common interest.

What could be a challenge, turned out to be Fools and Foes’ main strength. Each track on their debut EP avoids the most common sin of indie bands around the world, which is sounding just like their western idols. And their latest single, “Withering”, promises a constant progress as their best-produced effort yet, and a showcase of Isabelle Romualdez’s vocal talent. Intimate yet powerful.

You can stream “Underneath the Roots” EP in its entirety here


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