Since the release of „It’s Never Been Like That in” 2006 and above all their breakthrough „Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” three years later, the band from Versailles has become one of the biggest French bands.

Their new album sounds a bit like the last one, „Bankrupt!”, seeing them shifting from „Wolfgang’s” hybride indie rock to a even more distinct electronic and danceable baroque style.

The fact that „Ti Amo” takes its inspirations from Italian culture makes perfect sense, considering that the band has always incorporated italo disco sounds and some sort of sunny and sweet melancholia into their music.

And even if it doesn’t top the songwriting level and catchiness of their 2009’s masterpiece, „Ti Amo” is nonetheless full of creative melodies and moments of pure emotion like on the standout tracks “Fior Di Latte”, “Tuttifrutti” and “Role Model”. Whatever they do, Phoenix can’t help but make us want to dance and feel good.


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