Pink Milk

My love for the Swedish band Pink Milk started last year by the time they released their debut single ‘Detroit’ followed by their hauntingly beautiful cover on Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’. A breathtaking start from a duo that was formed in 2015 by Maria Forslund and Edward Forslund (Riddarna).

Pink Milk creates their own beautiful and atmospheric world built on dark soundscapes and endless reverb. A stunning combination that really comes through on their debut album ‘Purple’ that was released during this autumn.

The album was recorded on an isolated location on the Swedish island Gotland and it’s produced by the duo itself, managing to trigger their own signature during the ten tracks that the album contains.

With their perfectly created balance between dreamy and dark scenery, they sure reach perfection on their first full-length album. (Elin Strömberg)


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