Russian indie stars Pinkshinyultrablast are back with a remarkable third LP, demonstrating 80s and 90s can sound fresh in 10s.

The last time we wrote about St. Petersburg’s Pinkshinyultrablast was just before the release of their second album, entitled “Grandfeathered“.

This year they came back with their third full-length effort, “Miserable Miracles”, which opens up their shoegaze / dream pop sound for retro-electronica, synth pop and all of the revivals the world has been going through recently – but brought together in the most contemporary way.

The remarkable single “Dance AM” is the prime example of all of that, but you’ll forget about all the names the moment you actually hear the music. Check it out first, but then make sure to have a listen to their new LP in its entirety.

Stream “Miserable Miracles” LP on Spotify.


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