The esteemed post-punk godfathers of China, P.K.14, returned with a new LP “What We Talk About When We Talk About His Name” (当我们谈论他的名字时我们在谈论什么).

Their seventh full-length LP released this fall – their boldest and arguably most accessible album yet and one that feels larger than life – is both an accumulation of the band’s output over the years as well as a challenge to bands across China.

While their influence has long lingered in the underground scene for better or worse, the band has once again raised the bar, creating an album that feels urgent, thrilling, and musically lush with detail and poetic prose.

Haisong’s musings never felt grander as manifesto than on their closing penultimate track – a masterclass of lyricism and atmosphere that echoes across the new world order and resonates deep in your consciousness.

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