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Lost and found somewhere between electronic music, alternative rock and pop, the Amman-based duo Tayar (تيار) offer dreamy but catchy songs Arabic lyrics and often melodies, quickly becoming a new hope for the Jordanian scene that gave us bands like Autostrad or El Morabba3.

Ahmad Farah (احمد فرح) and Bader Helalat (بدر هلالات) published their first singles two years ago, followed up by “Khams Sneen” in 2021 and a now with another EP, “Nos El Bahr”.

Don’t worry it’s just for compact songs, and not even 20 minutes total, because if they hit your spot, you’ll find yourself keeping this EP on repeat for a couple of days or weeks. Yet we do hope Tayar is back soon with a proper LP.

Stream “Nos El Bahr” LP on Spotify.