Playa Gótica

The fourth single from “Amigurumi”, released two months ago on Umami Discos, represents a lot more than meets the eye.

The song called “Pigman (Aburrida en la Tienda)” does not talk about unrequited love but about the fears any woman feels whenever they have to go out on the street: “I don’t want to be scared, of going out there by myself anymore… mom, I don’t want to be kidnapped no more, kidnapped no more, it has happened to me before”. I really hope this song make us (wherever we are) think about this problem, as no one deserves to feel this way.

The video connects perfectly with the LP, and it shows the spirit of the band’s music. It was directed by Luz Andrea, who has worked with Diego Lorenzini, Centella and Círculo Polar before. The band apparently felt comfortable while shooting it, with Fanny Leona (vocals), Carlos Fariña (guitar and synths), Cristóbal Loader (bass) and Andrés Ugarte (drums) dressed in the same colors as they did for the album’s artwork.

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Photo: Javi Aguirre Dominguez

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