PLAYLIST: Best of 2018

101 songs we really, really, really loved this year.

It was a fascinating year for beehype. Early on, we curated our first festival stage at the MENT Festival in Slovenia, where we also had our first meeting and made a cinematic presentation of incredible video clips from all continents.

In the next months, we started a monthly beehype newsletter that sums up what our team of 100+ contributors collects. We also offered our festival recommendations and compiled some special playlists from the Middle East, Asia and Scandinavia.

And almost every day, we discovered new music that kept us excited throughout the year. These 101 songs below are just a taste of this experience – and this unique priviledge. Join us in this almost 7-hour trip around the world – and happy 2019!

You can find a limited version of this playlist (55 songs) on our Soundcloud.


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