With artists like RYSY, BOKKA, BAASCH, R.U.T.A., XXANAXX, NOON, JAAA!, KAMP!, and many more we seem to have a caps lock hype in Poland. But the newcomer BOVSKA deserves the capital letters.

Educated both in music and art (at the Chopin University and the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, respectively), BOVSKA released her first single “Long Way” two years ago, and the folk-inspired chorus of this English song suggested she’s not your typical singer-songwriter.

Two years later, she comes back with this new, by all means surprising song titled “Kaktus”, or “Cactus”, which she discovered growing on her head along with fern (see the photo above).

It’s based on excellent if risky wordplay that even native Polish speakers will find difficult to sing along. Musically it’s equally daring – at least for a pop song. Hair-raising octave leaps and minimal arrangment give you only as much as your imagination needs to guess the rest.

With this single alone BOVSKA (real name Magda Grabowska-Wacławek) jumps right into the center of the new singer-songwriter scene in Poland. Let’s hope more weird things come out soon off her head.


BOVSKA on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, www.

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