Interview: Chilli Crew

Mainstream music scene in Poland isn’t any worse (or any better) than in most other countries, but it could use more songs like “Prośba” (Request) that too seldom get onto radio playlists.

This catchy single comes off Chilli Crew’s recent EP called “Miłości” (Loves), which you can hear in its entirety on YouTube. The song perfectly shows inclinations of the singer Martyna Baranowska – a soul star in the making – and undisputed competence of the musicians who accompany her. Most of them known from the (pretty mainstream) reggae outfit StarGuardMuffin.

“What brought us together was that we all wanted to make music that emanates good vibrations and positive message,” Martyna tells us. “Initially I worked with Szymon Chudy and Kuba Wojciechowski, and later Mateusz Witkowski and Michał Lange joined us. That’s how Chilli Crew was born!”

“I wrote this track spontaneously one evening. I didn’t even think too much about the words, I just took my guitar and started singing,” Martyna says. “So even to me, this track is pretty mysterious. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in five years, I’ll be able to fully understand it.”

“What I appreciate most in art are things that influence how people think in a positive way. Polish artists like Izrael, Czesław Niemien, Dezerter or GaGa Zielone Żabki represent totally different music. But in their lyrics, all of them send out lots of positivity and values.”

“I have a big request,” Martyna sings in the chorus of the single, “quench the fear in my eyes”. We can only ask her for more choruses like this one.


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