Chłopcy kontra Basia

Invoking themes from folk tales, old legends and other narratives from bygone times, the sophomore album from Chłopcy kontra Basia (Boys versus Basia) is an exercise in musical storytelling.

The core trio of double bassist Marcin Nenko, percussionist and multi-instrumentalists Tomasz Waldowski, and vocalist and lyricist Barbara Derlak, is weaving a contemporary yet timeless sound. It’s accompanied by guest musicians playing the trumpet, flugelhorn, hurdy gurdy and celesta, among others.

Rooted in jazz, folk and pop, their music on the new full-length “O” is more complex and engaging than on the previous release, while retaining its warm and euphonious feel. “O Wielkiej”, the first single off the album, is the perfect instantiation of these qualities.

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