If you were growing up in Poland in the 80’s, the cosmic debut video of Ciemnogrody will immediately remind you about your childhood. Blurred stars, cheap visual effects and surprisingly psychedelic atmosphere is what you would often see in our public TV at that time – and what “Planetarna Moc” perfectly conveys.

The duo Ciemnogrody is a collaboration between the producer Maximilian Skiba and the established actress and singer Ada Fijał, who does not appear in the video (sorry if you’re disappointed). And judging from the nostalgia-tinged enthusiasm this video has been triggering around the Polish web, we might be ready for a very local retromania.

The video is also the official debut of Song That U Know Records, a pop-oriented sub-label of U Know Me Records. STUK aims at flooding Polish mass media with music that is “cool, cosmic, sexy and entirely in Polish” – to quote Max Skiba’s description of the single. May the eponymous “Planetary Force” be with them.


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