Coals seems like an apt name for a band hailing from Silesia, a region best known from its pervasive mining industry. Their restrained, minimalistic sound, drawing equally on folk and electronic music, is also reflective of the brooding but somehow wondrous atmosphere associated with Silesia.

The duo have been around for about a year. Vocalist and guitarist Katarzyna Kowalczyk found composer and multi-instrumentalist Łukasz Rozmysłowski through his YouTube channel, and initially they met to collaborate on just one song.

However, they have been making music together ever since. After steadily gaining critical acclaim throughout Poland, Coals are currently working on their first full-length album. “Sting” is their latest song.

It unfolds slowly, juxtaposing the warm tones of a piano agains the haunting vocals and eerie electronics. The arrangement also employs the sound of bells and bracelets made of wooden beads. Channeling a mysterious aura, both crude and ethereal, it is a fine introduction to their uncanny sound.


Coals on Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube.

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