Iza Lach

There aren’t many artists in Polish music scene who’ve managed to find the missing link between street cred and commercial acclaim. But Iza Lach has another precedent in her pocket.

Three years ago, she won a remix competition run by Snoop Dogg and a fruitful collaboration followed. The two have allegedly produced hundreds of songs together, including a full-length album and Iza’s recent single “Gotta Be Real“.

With six albums in her catalogue already, the 26 years old singer-songwriter is currently working on a new album. “Sąd Ostateczny”, or “Last Judgment”, is the first taste of that record due in 2016.

Although the song is all in Polish – just like the upcoming album is expected to be – the video was shot in the Joshua Tree park in California last summer. For a slightly different experience, you can also check out a choir version of this track recorded with The Gospel Time group.


Photo credit: Pascal Kerouche

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