Malerai x Uchihashi x Maya R

“The main theme of ‘Utsuroi’ is the world perceived through Japanese language”, singer Maya R tells us.

In other words, what’s most important in this project are sound images created by the Japanese language. When we listen this album, it’s as if we encountered Japanese culture or had a trip to Japan.

Polish unit Malerai consists of Michał Górczyński (clarinet), Mikołaj Pałosz (cello) and Dagna Sadkowska (violin). For their experimental jazz project “Utsuroi” they were joined by Japanese avant-garde guitarist and daxophone player Kazuhisa Uchihashi (内橋和久), as well as the singer Maya R. She is half-Polish and half-Japanese, and the vocalist of Rara Avis.

“Warsaw music scene is similar to Osaka underground. In both cities, it’s easy to collaborate with musicians who have different background”, Kazuhisa Uchihashi said.

As Maya R told us, this project started by Malerai’s live performances, but recently they decided to make a whole album with Japanese words. Maya R choose the poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche as well as by Yoshihiro Harada (原田芳裕), a friend of hers. In the poem titled “Utsuroi” (移ろい), he writes about seasons changing along with our emotions, presenting the Japanese feeling called Wabi-sabi (侘び寂び).

Michał Górczyński also chose four haikus by Kawahigashi Hekigoto (河東碧梧桐) who was a student of the famous poet Masaoka Shiki. In his short poem “Hototogisu”, featured in this video, Hekigoto broke haiku’s regular 5-7-5 words form. In same way, this project bends borders between pop, rock and jazz, as well as walls dividing the human race, overcoming racial and cultural distinctions.

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Malerai x Uchihashi x Maya R on Facebook. Maya R on Twitter. Photo credit: Concerts Corner.

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