Let The Boy Decide

A triumphant return from a nearly-defunct indie band.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed second album, “Like The Earth, Like The Sun, Like The Ocean In The Night,” back in 2009, Let The Boy Decide went on a lengthy hiatus.

However, even though it took them quite a while to come back, their new record proved totally worth the wait.

Mixing guitar-driven indie rock with strong melodies and dreamy atmosphere, “E L A P S E A” retains the best qualities of their style while sounding more refined and mature.

While most of the songs tend toward the moody, highlighted by occasional melancholic sound of the trumpet, the effortless flow of the music make it seem somewhat elusive, like a gentle breeze just passing by.

It’s easy to get lost in its warm embrace and trully gratifying, so be sure to check the first two songs off the album above, and follow by streaming “E L A P S E A” in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Photo: Katarzyna Blanka Matz

Let The Boy Decide on Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp.

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