Skyrocketing interest in the young “post-wave” instrumental trio Niemoc has been quite unexpected but well-deserved.

Infirmity, debility, disability, decline, prostration, languor, asthenia – Google Translate seems quite undecided as to how properly translate their name. Maybe that’s because the band has been actually having a powerful year. They started it as almost anonymous newcomers, only to finish it as one of Poland’s most promising alternative bands.

First came their performance at the Spring Break showcase festival. Journalists accredited at the event chose Niemoc’s show as the best from over 100 concerts. And that gave them a chance to play at the Sziget Festival in Hungary, the biggest music gathering in this part of Europe. A few days earlier, they visited Off Festival, Poland’s major indie feast.

Another breakthrough came earlier this week, when they supported M83 on their show in Warsaw. They synchronized it with the premiere of their new EP called “Paramaribo“, an eight-track collection of their original tracks and some remixes. And did I mention it is their “second release” this year? Oh, and there also was a successful remix of RYSY (we introduced original version exactly around time last year).

So yes, the trio of Michał Drozda, Radek Reguła and Filip Awłas are as as talented as hard-working, and that makes the aforementioned promise reasonable. As of yet, their biggest hit is the thrilling DIY video “Przekątne” (“Diagonals”). A highlight off the new EP, it’s also the best demonstration of Niemoc’s power, strength, force, potency, might, vigor, pick your favourite.

Stream “Paramaribo” EP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Niemoc on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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