We Will Fail

We Will Fail, a solo project of Aleksandra Grünholz, returns with a sophomore album.

As the title suggests, “Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites” consists of two parts, each highlighting a different mood of the music. The first disc is lighter and more subtle, focusing primarily on atmosphere and sonorous experimentation, while the second one is harsh and rhythmic, pulsing with raw primordial energy.

However, both contain imaginative and adventurous electronic music drawing in equal measure from techno, IDM, industrial, ambient and noise. Filled with massive, irregular beats and drowned in glitch, “Hand That Heals / Hand That Bites” is probably even more demanding than Grünholz’s previous work, but her consistence and attention to detail makes for a really rewarding listen.

“Patience”, a track from the second disc, provides a fitting introduction into We Will Fail’s oeuvre. While the music might seem dense, abrasive and overwhelming, the accompanying video – made by Grünholz herself, who is a graphic-designer by profession – brings out its inherent beauty via gorgeous animated artworks.

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