Pole Siblings

“It Might Grow” is a very appropriate title for Finnish duo Pole Siblings’ debut EP.

It takes less than 15 minutes to hear their 4-track first effort, released on the Strangers Candy label. But during that quarter, you’ll actually experience more than with many full-lengths.

“It Might Grow” combines two different voices – though sometimes sounding like one, so the cover is also more than right – and two languages. And it offers four different takes on sunny dream pop, perfect for the just-started summer.

The duo, stemming from Finland but currently based in Sweden, tend to focus on songwriting rather than on sound experiments – at least that’s what their limited palette might suggest.

As a result, their debut EP is one of the most consistent releases you might have heard this season. Yet it’s still intense enough, since so many good themes have been squeezed into those 3-minute songs.

Out of all four tracks, the eponymous song “It Might Grow” and the closer “Nog Va He Bra”, sung in a Finnish-Swedish dialect, might be the highlights. But the whole EP is worth your time, and it’s a promise of Pole Siblings’ further growth.

Stream “It Might Grow” EP on Bandcamp.


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