Polycool, what a name ! Literally it means “composed of a lot of cool elements”. A name full of promises.

These Parisian guys propose with “Monteverità” – the name of a Swiss mountain – the kind of spacy and funny trip that we need to colour our daily landscape and bring (a lot) fun into it.

Look at these guys in their outfits. Listen to the voices which come surreptitiously from the back of your head to invade it, to all the layers of synthesiser, to the wind. Tell us where are you know?
You don’t know anymore and neither do we.

I think that’s the idea and I hope that their next LP “Lemon Lord” (out on November 15th) will give us more ways to get lost in their great and complex universe. Sure that Polycool doesn’t lack cool!


Polycool on Facebook, Instagram, www.

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