Pommez Internacional

How to become the king of the underworld? Pommez Internacional know the way – and the cost.

Argentinean band Pommez Internacional has one promise for their next, fourth album: to portray straightforwardly the daily tensions of their country in this era of the rise of right movements in all around Latin America.

The first song we can hear from that album, which doesn’t have a title nor release date yet, is “Rey bandido”. For this song, they recruited a “murga”, a collective of percussive musicians dedicated to that genre born in Río de la Plata and very common to hear if you walk the streets during Carnival days. Pommez Internacional worked with Los Locos No Se Ocultan, a murga from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

The singer Juan Iberlucía, who produced the track along with his bandmate Ignacio Cruz, sings about a guy who offers his life to marginality in order to be “the king of the underworld”.


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