Come get “a little lost” with indie/electronic group Ponette and their unsettling new video, aptly titled “Freak”.

“Melancholic, somewhat dreamy and expressive, but with a polished sound” – that’s how Ponette described their music in our interview around the year ago. One year after their more than promising debut EP, “I’m Alone”, the Oslo-based group recently came back with a dark electronic single, “Freak”.

In this new song, Helene Svaland’s voice is in the center of a stylistic carousel, as each new bar of the track seems to bring a shift in arrangement, tempo and mood. The vocals are subject to a similar operation. Svaland sounds sweet, then bold, then dramatic, and even “a little lost” once in a while.

In just three minutes, the audio track itself offers enough sensations to keep your mind busy for a few listens. But it comes with an official video directed by Magnus Nordstrand, which adds another layer to the whirligig.


Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

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