Poor Rich Boy

In the video for the eponymous single off their third effort “Almost Tuesday“, Poor Rich Boy take us into space.

It is interesting that the first single from this release, “Preacher”, was released two years ago. It seems that this acclaimed indie-rock band is not in a hurry with creating and promoting their music. And probably that’s the right way, as shouldn’t be a deadlines in the art world, right?

Poor Rich Boy’s evolving sound has always suggested the ansert is “yes”, and this intricate new single is another proof that music likes to have time to mature. “Almost Tuesday” has some Ben Howard in it, and some distant echoes of the best indie rock releases from 90s/80s, but it would be difficult to point to any clear inspirations – which is also something to appreciate.

The video collage that accompanies the song, edited by Zain Ahsan, is as enigmatic, taking us up in the air or even outer space, and then back to the band’s (home?) studio. We can’t say we don’t want to hear Poor Rich Boy’s new record already, but well, let them finish the journey and we know we won’t regret waiting, right?


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