Poor Rich Boy

Probably our favourite band from Pakistan, Poor Rich Boy switch from English to Urdu for their upcoming new album.

We really can’t stop writing abour Poor Rich Boy, one of the most talented and consistent bands Pakistan has seen in the recent years (decades).

While they’re one of the bands you can often recognize after just a few bars of a song, thye’ve been trying different sounds, moods and approaches to songwriting. Now we can see how easily they can switch from English to Urdu.

In an interview with The News, the group’s singer-songwriter Umer Khan said: “Maybe we started off with English but there were always Urdu songs in there too. (…) I guess we’ve just focused more on the English side but there were always Urdu songs that we never really put out but I think it’s time to throw them out there, too.”

Over the last months, they’ve release three Urdu songs: “Tootay Huay Admi” at the very end 2018, “Kakhazi” at the start of 2019, and now “Samandar Ki Teh Mein”, based on a poem by the famous poet N.M. Rashid. All three pieces announce Poor Rich Boy’s upcoming new full-length album.

The songs has all the quality and charm of PRB’s best songs, but the language makes it stand out both from their previous efforts and – with the music – whatever you can hear these days around the world. As we’re getting more and more used to (even bored?) local bands singing in English, we coulnd’t be happier about their decision.

Another thing we couldn’t be happier about is the choice of the director for the official video – Abdul-Rehman Malik from Mosiki, who once presented you on beehype the Best Songs of 2017 from his country.


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