Heavily inspired by cumbia and Lisbon, electro producer Populous comes back with an entrancing new album “Azulejos”.

Populous is the producer Andrea Mangia, from Lecce, a beautiful town in Southern Italy, in the region of Puglia. When Mangia started this project, he was very little known in Italy, but his first album “Quipo” was released by influential Berlin label Morr Music, in 2002.

Since then, he hasn’t been very prolific, but release after release, he got more and more popular. And with 2014 “Night Safari“, he finally got a large scale recognition in Italy.

Now he’s back after three years with another full-length titled “Azulejos“, released on June 9th.

This new album is heavily influenced by cumbia, a dance style coming from Colombia.

As he said in a recent interview with taste-making website Rockit, Mangia spent some months in Lisbon to make the album, because he wanted to get influenced by that city too.

These influences are cleverly mixed with more classical electro sounds, and the result is very dynamic and captivating.

The layered and lively rhythms and the enticing interaction of sounds and vocals make these 38 minutes catchy and intriguing.

Stream Azulejos LP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


Photo: Francesco Sambati

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