Founded in 2004 as an instrumental project, Porter quickly got famous in their local city Guadalajara (the land of Mariachi) to become, with time, one of the most important music bands in Mexico.

After two amazings albums, “Donde pastan los ponys” and “Atemahawke”, Porter split off in 2008 leaving a big space in the scene. One that smiled again in 2012 when they announced their return.

Porter’s new album “Moctezuma”, set to be on sale on August 18th, is named after the Mexico’s tlatoani (king) who received the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortez in 1519. It’s a conceptual album from a progressive band that’s going to put Porter again into the attention of the public and media.

“Murcielago” is their most recent single and it’s inspired by the legend of the Mexicans who were looking for a home, to finally found what we nowadays call Mexico City. A beautiful song that reminds us of the encounter between native Mexicans and Spaniards.

You can follow Porter on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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