After a long sleep, Mexico’s one and only Porter come back with an impressive new video “Sonámbulo” announcing their upcoming new album, one of the things to look for in 2021.

This Guadalajara band was among the first ones we kept recommended you after beehype started, and ever since they’ve remained as consistent as it gets in music, suprising us with new releases and incredible videos.

Like for many (most) of us, and like for many (most) of musicians, the pandemic year has been a full stop or at least a major slowdown. But list many (hopefully most) of us they’re gradually waking up from this nightmare, first with appropriately titled single “Sonámbulo”, meaning “Sleepwalker”.

“Sleepwalker is the metaphor of our reality, a metaphor about the present seen from a dystopian perspective where the sleepwalker does not distinguish reality from fiction,” they said about this video, which follows distancing rules and should be addded to the the collection of pandemic videos.

“Sonámbulo” is just the first taste of the follow-up to their 2019 album “Los Batallas”. This new material helped them get through the toughest time, and it’s supposed to help us restart after this terrible year (and a half) as well.

Porter are quite optimistic about that as they already announced their comeback show on June 17th, in their home Guadalajara, with all distancing that will be necessary. That’s also where the video for “Sonámbulo” was created, a story about the only survivor of the old world.


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