A catchy intro, some smooth strophes and a touching chorus, that’s all you need to write an immortal anthem. Easy, isn’t it?

In theory this might be true. In practice, only ten or twenty timeless songs are released every year. “Killer’s Mind” by Portland most probably is a tune that we will still hear regularly on the Belgian radio stations in 2039. If radio still exists by then, of course.

Portland started making a name for itself in 2017 after a relentless journey to bring the single “Pouring Rain” to the spotlight and is now reaping the rewards of its hard work. The band is currently on a roll, with a successful release of the album “Your Colours Will Stain” and recent remarkable concerts in beautiful venues like Ancienne Belgique and at high-profile festivals like Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop.

“Killer’s Mind” has everything a good song should have. It opens with a compelling beat and electronic sounds that are both stimulating and soothing. The same can be said about the often two-part vocals of Jente Pironet and Sarah Pepels.

“Killer’s Mind” is one of the more uptempo tunes of this band that likes to listen to Beach House, Elbow, Alt-J, Kings Of Convenience and Fleet Foxes.

If you also like the music of one or more of these acts, we have only one tip for you: start listening to Portland right now.

Stream “Your Colours Will Stain” LP on Spotify.


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Photo: Zeb Coune

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