Deolinda has been enchanting us with their music for a full decade already, honing a mix of intricate arrangements – spread between neofado, urban folk and jazz – and witty stories sang in Portuguese.

Their fourth album, “Outras Histórias”, largely carries on in the same vein, while surreptitiously breaking up with the purely acoustic format of their very first releases.

Subtle changes in their sound are already noticeable in „Corzinha De Verão”, the first single off the album. A swinging tune that gracefully employs vibraphone and synths, in addition to their standard set of two guitars and double bass.

However, while expanding the sonic spectrum, the song retains the classic and beloved Deolinda sound.

Additionally, “Outras Histórias” also features guest appearances from fellow Portuguese artists: Manuel Cruz of Ornatos Violeta and Riot of Buraka Som Sistema; with string arrangements by Filipe Melo, performed by Orquestra Sinfonnietta de Lisboa.


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