It took them almost four years. But on January 30th, the Portugese quartet Salto will finally release a follow-up to their self-titled debut album. But if the first sounds we heard are representative, it was worth waiting for.

The Porto-based collected new ideas over the last two years – after the release of an EP called “Beat Oven” – and when they got into the studio last summer, they recorded 12 new tracks. As that time also brought intense touring, the album called “Passeio das Virtudes”, or “Tour of Virtues”, is supposed to carry the feeling of a journey, an adventure.

While we need to wait two full weeks to hear the whole thing, you can already pre-order it to hear four tracks from this upcoming release. And if you need an encouragement, here’s the great first single off the album, “Lagostas”, with an unpredictable video directed by Luís Montenegro.

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