What’s your favourite place in the whole world? Choose wisely, because it’s pretty big. In the meantime, see how Ukrainian singer-songwriter Postman explores some options and turns each of them into songs.

Many Ukrainian music lovers got acquainted with Postman (the real name is Kostiantyn Pochtar) after his single “Київські вулиці” (“Kyiv streets”). It was an admiration song of Kostiantyn’s hometown, Kyiv. It reflected singer’s vision – no matter where you are, your favourite place remains in your heart.

A few years after, he released an album “City Freak” and proudly continued to tell his exploration story of different places. For example, some songs were inspired by his trip to the Carpathian mountains. As Postman currently splits his life between Kyiv, Wroclaw, and Berlin, his geographical/music journey goes on.

During the 2020 lockdown in Berlin, he wrote a new song called “Антарктида” (Antarktyda/Antarctica). Feeling stuck and lost in this crazy world? Kostiantyn captured the mood, associating it with the coldest part of the world.

Occasionally the song became even more relatable, as it turned out to be a perfect soundtrack for Ukrainian polar explorers’ work. Ukraine has an Antarctic Station The Vernadsky Research Base, that celebrated its 25th anniversary. Step by step, the collaboration took place.

The song was premiered with a music video exclusively shot by Ukrainian polar explorers in Antarctica. Here you can see not only the magnificent landscapes of snow and ice but also the life of explorers, their daily routine, and the base itself.

It’s hard to get one’s head around a simple thought – how big and diverse our world is! Some feed pigeons in the Kyiv park, others see penguins next to their home. Both options are quite beautiful, if that’s indeed your favourite place.


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