Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep is Indian hip-hop’s greatest example of swimming against the tide.

While he gained initial popularity at the back of the Indian hip-hop wave riding high, Prabh soon distanced himself from the genre’s swell, carving a niche for himself.

Perhaps what was most important in this path to discovery, was that Prabh shared it with his listeners.

“Ateet” comes at the back of the smooth, well received EP “K I N G” from 2018, a precursor to his masterful sophomore effort “Tabia”.

Almost a palette cleanser if you will, “Ateet” moves between the lush synth scapes of his previous project whilst signalling a new, darker direction to come soon.

The artist has spent the last few years taking in the reins of his production, collaborating with a wide palette of musicians, studio engineers and visual artists to reach this point.

Prabh seems more confident than ever, but his music is still asking questions.

Be sure to also check out the audio visual sensory trip in this music video for “WAQAF” off “Tabia”.

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