Prateek Kuhad

If there’s one singer-songwriter in India you should absolutely follow these days, it must be the one and only Prateek Kuhad.

And if you’ve been following beehype for a while, you might already know him very very well. For the last years, Kuhad has been providing us some of the most beautiful songs maybe in the whole Asia, and often equally lovely videos.

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Jaipur in northern India, Kuhad was clearly inspired by acoustic guitar legends like Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and of course Bob Dylan. But his music does have a characteristic atmosphere and sound that lets you recognize it even before he moves closer to the mic.

That more than ever true about his new release, a 6-track EP called “Cold/Mess”. Kuhad calls it “the most honest bit of songwriting” he has ever done. And indeed it’s a masterpiece of intimate folk pop – also coming with some magnificent visual art. Both music and graphic seemed like an obvious choice to open our June-July playlist.

“I am just really grateful,” Kuhad wrote on his Facebook on the day “Cold/Mess” came out. And so we are, we really are.

Stream “Cold/Mess” EP on Soundcloud, Spotify.


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