Prateek Kuhad

If tugging at the strings of a listener’s heart is the bread of being a singer-songwriter, then Prateek Kuhad is surely a baker.

The immensely talented artist combines his staple minimalist approach to music with Hindi vocals delivered in typical, seemingly effortless fashion to give us a beautiful single “Tum Jab Paas”, whose title literally translates to “When You Are Near”, that talks about love and the promises made when one is in its clutches.

One of the stand out features of this single is the synergy between the audio and visual content. The music video goes really well with the lyrical content, lending it a possibly different interpretation as it takes the viewer through a journey of two high school sweethearts and the journey of their relationship which makes for a real emotional rollercoaster.

Catnip Films, the creators of the video have done a fine job of capturing the nuances of a relationship in a four minute time frame.

The lingering effect “Tum Jab Paas” has on the listener bears testament to Kuhad’s songwriting skills. Despite him not deviating much from his usual formula that has worked well for so many of his tracks, there is no feeling of repetition in his latest release, with each aspect as potent as it has always been.

I can only hope he continues to mesmerise his audience with the sheer, consistent quality of his music for the forseeable future.


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