After the departure of Jessica Romo, “La Velocidad de las Plantas” marks a turning point for Tomás Preuss, the guitarist, vocalist, and mastermind behind Prehistöricos.

His new album seems like the most ambitious one to date, expanding the project’s sound into hitherto unexplored directions. Yet, at the same time, it feels like a natural progression from Prehistöricos’s critically acclaimed sophomore full-length.

The music is still very delicate, often bordering on sheer vulnerability, but exhibits more affirmative attitude. Preuss seems to be at peace with how things turned out and, accordingly, his new album emanates with confidence and tranquility.

“Sueño Lúcido” (Lucid Dream) is a perfect illustration of remarkable subtlety and organic flow found throughout the album. Its apparent inconspicuousness conceals aesthetic sophistication, as the sounds of guitar, ukulele, cavaquinho, harp, cello, viola, violin, and electronics are expertly woven into intricate sonic tapestry of extraordinary beauty.

You can hear “La Velocidad de las Plantas” in its entirety on YouTube.


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