Scandinavian scenery (and ambient) meets Belgian songwriting in the beautiful new single “Slow It Down” from Outer – which we’re delighted to premiere today.

When Belgians talk about Northern Europe, we are mainly thinking about Scandinavia. For many Spanish and Italian people, Belgium is already Northern Europe, though. And when it comes to music, we cannot say they’re always wrong.

Take Outer as an example. This young project from Tom Soetaert is releasing a new single this week, and “slow it down” really is a hole in one. It contains all elements that make Scandinavian ambient so great: some piano, a wonderful voice, a nice build up and tons of things to dream about.

beehype is very happy to premiere the video, directed by Bert Juliaan. We had a small chat with Tom from Outer, and this is what he told us:

“In a way, ‘slow it down’ is about giving attention to details. In music, but also in other things. Video artist Bert Juliaan Vercruysse got lots of images I shot in Scandinavia, where I find time and space to work on music. One image particularly triggered him: a mountain on the Faroe Islands. There is something iconic about that. And it resembles the mountain on the album cover art.”

“Bert continued with that one image, taking it on a journey where the mountain really comes alive. The video – just like the song – starts small and subtle, and builds up to a climax that strengthens the piano, guitar and strings.”

“Furthermore: one year ago, I lived a couple of weeks in North-Iceland to work on my debut album. ‘Slow it down’ was written the week I came back. I realized how relative the perception of time was, depending on the place you live, and how your days are filled.”

“Quite a shock coming back in Belgium, after spending a longer period in such an isolated place.”


Photo: Sara Maroye

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