Sounds Like Moving

Today sees the premiere of Sounds Like Moving’s new video, “Black Roses”, which the Swedish producer calls “the soundtrack to the feeling of alienation we all experience from time to time.” Watch & read what he told us about this inspiring clip.

“When I first started to write the song I had a particular friend in mind. I know her life story, which has not been an easy one. As a mather of fact, I am amazed that she’s still standing, yet I’m even more amazed that she is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know and doesn’t hesitate to smile towards life.”

“The more i thought about it, I realized that I’ve got a hand full of these friends who share similar experiences. Not necessarily who’ve been through the same things, but they are all broken in a way. With that in mind I started looking even further I started to include thoughts about people in general.”

“There are so many life stories across the globe where people who face various difficulties and situations under very different conditions. It fascinates me how people can rise from them and still manage to keep on goin’. That’s what the black roses symbolize to me. Broken, but beautiful and full of life.”

“Regarding the video, I turned to my friend Lucas Peña who is an film and visual artist. I explained the background and what the song was about and we started to talk about how to visualize the song from both my point of view and how he interpreted it.”

“What we ended up with, was to have a documentary angle on the visuals and try to capture and show a diversity of people – no matter cultural heritage, gender, sexual orientation, age, status in society, religion, etc. We are all the same and we all have the same value.”

“We had two days of filming and wanted to catch folks where they were, both for logistic reasons and to get a broader spectra of people. We chose to use a black background that we brought to different areas around Stockholm.”

“We told people about the song and idea behind the video and asked if they wanted to participate. Some of them were homeless, some were strangers that passed by on set and some of the filming was more coordinated with a blend of friends and acquaintances.”

“‘Black Roses’ is the soundtrack to that feeling of alienation we all experience from time to time. Today’s refugee-crisis couldn’t make it any clearer, we are all the same and we all have the same value. That’s what Lucas Peña visualizes in this touching video.”


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