Príncipe Idiota

Last December, Mariano di Cesare – the frontman of Mi Amigo Invencible – started writing a conceptual album about a modern Principality, inspired by “pseudo princes” from movies: Barry Lindon, Fitzcarraldo, Marie Antoinette.

But he didn’t have enough time to finish this idea. Instead, Mariano appealed to daily events and recorded his first six solo songs under the moniker Príncipe Idiota (Idiot Prince).

“Doméstico” is his first EP available via Fuego Amigo Discos / Volante Discos. While you can hear the whole record on Bandcamp, “Muchas cuchetas” is the fantastic closing track: noise horse-riding about darkness and nightmares with just 15 words.

Principe Idiota on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

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