Los Wálters

It’s perfectly fitting that before filming could begin on Los Wálters latest video, for “Porsche” off last year’s breezy “Verano Panorámico”, the band had to first procure one luxury car to use during the shoot – echoing the song’s chorus of “solicito un Porsche”.

The one they ended up filming might look a little beat up – but hey, it’s red, just as it should be. A press release describes the clip as “the story of a man who lost the love of his life and needs a Porsche to look for her as quickly as possible, regardless if he has already lost her.”

Directed by “Wálter” Luis López-Varona, the video captures a night out at a local bar, with our protagonist playing pool and singing a bit of karaoke with the band before heading out for a striptease in dreamland.

The escapist fantasy seems well aligned with the band’s modus operandi of delivering dreamy, quirky soundscapes to brighten your hangouts.


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