A series of stunning singles from the Ukrainian indie-pop band that just keeps on getting better and better.

Pur:Pur were founded in Kharkiv in 2008. Crafting melodic and richly arranged music, they recorded several albums and EPs throughout the next decade, gaining increasing recognition. Their most recent release, however, came out as far as three years ago.

Last year, though, Pur:Pur dropped their first new song in a while, called “Toska,” initiating a series of singles that now also includes: “Fire,” “Unlike Mine,” and, most recently, “Adam” and “Molchanie.”

The band’s sound has been gradually becoming more electronic and these songs seem to continue the trend.

“Adam,” featuring Russian producer Dub Beans, combines crystalline textures and dynamic beats with Nata Smirina’s impressive voice, adding a few licks of Yevgeny Zhebko’s guitar, to develop into a moving, anthemic piece of exquisite beauty.

“Molchanie,” on the other hand, is more dreamy and wistful, with its unhurried pace and gradual buildup, as the song ebbs and flows to finally come to a tranquil finish.


Photo: Serhiy Mazur

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