Quantic & Nidia Góngora

Probably one of the most unique releases you’ll hear this year, “Curao” combines talents and skills of British-born producer Quantic (also known from Ondatropica) and the Colombian singer Nidia Góngora.

Listening to the LP for the first time, you might notice yourself disoriented by Will “Quantic” Holland’s polyrhythmic Afro-Colombian textures which are further complicated by Nidia Góngora multilayered vocals – to the listener’s greatest delight.

It’s one of those few albums that fully engage your mind and body regardless if you are figuring out the rhythm patterns and song structures, or just enjoy the melodies and Nidia’s fantastic timbre. “Curao” works both as a challenge for deep listening and as a companion to your late-night meetings.

Celebrating “mystical musical traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast”, the whole album deserves at least a dozen spins, but you can start with the immediate lead single “Que Me Duele?”, accompanied by an instructional video show at the Petronio Alvarez Festival in Colombia.

Stream “Curao” LP on Spotify.


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