Ray Fuego

In The Netherlands, just like the rest of the world, the Black Lives Matter movement has been causing quite a stir lately.

Ten thousands of people have been protesting, speaking out against violence and racism against black people. On the good side, this comes with hope that long formed patterns of systemic and institutional racism against people of colour are finally addressed. On the other hand, it is awful to see the resistance of white people to acknowledge the magnitude of the problem and acknowledge their share in it.

As ever, music is a powerful way to bring attention to these important themes. Dutch artist Ray Fuego has been singing about his experiences with racism long before. He ended up on our Best Of 2018 list with his strikingly personal album “Zwart” (which means “Black”).

Last week he released a new song called “BLACKLIVESMATTER”. It opens with a confronting speech by Kanye West and transitions into a moody track where Fuego let us hear his anger and sadness but ends with a hopeful and important message:

“don’t give up / fight the power / before the human race can come together / we have to understand and accept each other first”.


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