Releasing a record can involve lots of patience. If you don’t believe this, ask Recorders. Due to label issues, their debut album had been ready for a long time before it eventually hit the shops and the world wide web at the end of 2014.

The sophomore album of this band from Brussels is ready to be presented to the public later this month. Some band members went, others came, but the overall sound of Recorders may not have changed too much, if we can judge by their new single “Lost At Sea” that’s preceding its bigger brother.

The band still seems to follow the path that MGMT left after “Oracular Spectacular”. Up tempo tunes that are catchy, playful and psychedelic at the same time are what Recorders are known and loved for, and “Lost At Sea” is exactly all of this.

This being said, the freshly released “Undivided” has a more electronic sound. Check it out!


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