Reese Lansangan

Singer-songwriter, designer, illustrator, writer and Japan lover Reese Lansangan follows up her debut with a video for possibly the best song from the record, “Exploration No. 5”.

“When getting work done in coffeeshops, I: 1) get wifi password, 2) buy the cheapest thing on the menu, 3) overstay until the shame creeps in,” she once wrote on Twitter. And just like tweets like this, her colourful debut album “Arigato, Internet!” dedicated to the usual online hassle she’s just like any of us. Maybe except for the music talent.

In spite of stripped-down sound of mostly just a guitar or a ukulele, her first record introduced her as a versatile and imaginative artist. And a clever observer of our current (virtual) reality. Honest but sweet, she might remind you why so many people fell for the Australian singer Lisa Mitchell a while ago.

While you can stream “Arigato, Internet!” in its entirety on Reese’s Bandcamp, her new single “Exploration No. 5” is a great introduction to the record and certainly one its highlights. In a video directed by Gerard Lopez, she takes us around the city showing us all you need to have fun is to use your imagination.


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