Reisaburo Adachi

Some of Tokyo’s most fascinating musicians meet on Reisaburo Adachi new-old record.

Reisaburo Adachi (あだち 麗三郎) recently released a rearranged version of his 2009 debut album “Can You Hear the Wind Sing?” (風のうたが聴こえるかい?). This time, he collaborated with a number of friends, actually making it a Tokyo indie all-stars team.

Risa Nakagawa (中川 理沙) from The Natsuyasumi band, Takefumi Tsujimura (辻村 豪文) from Kicell, and the band Katamoi all play a song that Reisaburo chose for them. And you can hear fresh, fascinating wind blowing in the Tokyo indie scene.

There’s also folk singer / guitarist Yuta Orisaka. He always sings Japanese folk music influenced by music around the world. This time, he plays Arab-style song “Feeyo” (フィーヨ) written by Adachi, who by the way is also sax player of Cero, and drummer of Kataomoi.

This year, we also heard new effort from The Natsuyasumi band, an album “NEO PARK“, and Yuta Orisaka released his new LP today – we will have a separate article about it).

Reisaburo has also released another album “tandem” under the name of Fuyu ni Wakarete (冬にわかれて) with the singer-songwriter Saho Terao(寺尾紗穂).

Stream “Can You Hear the Wind Sing? -2021-” LP on Spotify.


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