Requin Chagrin

Following a warm welcome of their debut album, Requin Chagrin just re-released her first record with a completely new mastering and with a bonus track.

The first track they posted on Soundcloud 1,5 year ago, “Adelaïde“, made them an immediate phenomenon – also drawing attention of the collective La Souterraine – and together with the following two singles prepared a fertile ground for the release of their self-titled debut at the end of last summer.

Now this sunny-sounding material – though melancholic in its lyrics – has received a complete re-mastering from Dominique Blanc-Francard in his Paris studio. Apart from eight tracks we’ve already heard, this revamped version has been enriched by one track, which is actually among the very best Requin Chagrin have written to date.

While you stream the re-mastered LP in its entirety here, here’s this latest addition called “Poisson lune”, or “Moon Fish”.

Photo credit: Julien Bourgeois

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